Scope and areas of publication

Focus and Scope

Ceres Journal is a journal bimonthly published by Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Federal University of Viçosa - UFV).

It is intended for the publication of unpublished scientific papers, with technical and scientific relevance, resulting from studies related to innovations and solutions to the problems of agriculture, with emphasis on tropical-related studies. Ceres publishes papers ni:

  • Plant production
  • Soil and plant nutrition
  • Plant breeding applied to agriculture
  • Plant Health
  • Physiology and morphology applied to agriculture
  • Vegetative and seminiferous propagation
  • Agricultural Engineering (specifically: Irrigation and Drainage; Soil Physics; Agrometeorology; Precision Agriculture; Technology and Application of Pesticides)
  • Animal production and health applied to agriculture



Ceres Journal is indexed in the main database, according to the following list. It is ranked as B1 level by CAPES in Brazil. 

  • CABI Abstracts
  • e-journals
  • Lantindex
  • Redalyc
  • SciELO
  • Scopus
  • Zoological Records


Peer review process

Manuscripts submitted to Revista Ceres will go through a pre selection process by the Associate Editors before beginning the peer review evaluation. This pre selection will be based on: agreement with the scope and norms of the journal, novelty of the subject, objectives and conclusions aligned, quality of language and figures, recent references. The selected manuscripts will be then, reviewed by two referee experts in the area, from academic and/or research institutions distinct from those of the authors. The Associate Editor will have the autonomy to arbitrate on the opinions of the reviewers and decide whether the manuscript will be accepted for publishing (with corrections, if any) or if it is rejected. Once indicated for publishinig by the Associate Editor, the manuscript follows for final verification by the Editorial Committee, which, in any case, constitutes the final decision-making instance for acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts.

When in disagreement with the opinions received, the authors may send justifications and arguments, which will be carefully evaluated and refereed by the Editorial Committee.



Ceres Journal scientific periodic has been bimonthly published since 1939 by Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV).

  • ISSN 2177-3491