Editorial policy

Open Access Policy

CERES Journal offers a rapidly and safely free access to its online content. By our values, we believe that the open availability of scientific knowledge to all the community provides a larger dissemination and democratization of knowledge, resulting in faster and more consistent technological advancement.


Anti-plagiarism Policies

CERES Journal is one of the oldest and most traditional periodicals in Brazil. Therefore, we value the quality, reputation, and originality of the publications. In this sense, the manuscripts sent to the CERES Journal must be unpublished. Texts, tables, and figures may not have been previously published in other scientific dissemination vehicles. Therefore, the authors should assume the responsibility that the submitted articles are original and that they do not contain parts of texts, data, tables or figures, previously published.

The faking of data is a serious misconduct.

To ensure the originality of the published works, CERES Journal uses the CrossRef Similarity Check  software as an antiplagiarism tool.  



Authors must inform if they were granted with financing or support from institution.

Authors must inform whether there is – or not – any conflict of interests in carrying the research and publishing the manuscript.