Tree community dynamics of a northern Minas Gerais seasonally dry forest

Geovany Heitor Reis, Rubens Manoel dos Santos, Diego Gualberto Sales Pereira, Jean Daniel Morel, Paola Ferreira Santos


This study aimed to characterize the dynamics, structural changes and floristics of a Northern Minas Gerais Seasonally Deciduous Forest tree community, in a 5 - year interval. In 2005, 10 (20 x 20m) plots were allocated, yielding 0.4 ha. All trees (CBH ≥ 10 cm) were tagged and measured. A second census was carried out in 2010 in order to remeasuring surviving, new recruits and dead trees. In 2005, 46 species were recorded, moving to 45 in 2010. No significant differences were found for Shannon – diversity (H’ = 2,62 nats.ind-1 in 2005; H’ = 2,60 nats.ind-1 in  2010) and Pielou eveness (J = 0,683 in 2005; J = 0.682 in 2010) in the interval. A total of 57 dead records (rate of 1,64 %.year-1) were found whereas 18 trees were recruited (rate of 0,53 %.year-1).Despite the higher mortality as compared to recruitment, the results suggest that the community remained stable in both structural and diversity terms in the interval considered.


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